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Jessica Plotin, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and Registered Art Therapist

Jessica Plotin, LMFT, ATR

I am passionate about working with children, teens, and their families and have made child therapy my primary focus over the past decade. I have spent my time in homes, clinics, and schools. In our work together, I empower children and teens to create a new story where they can be free to use their brilliant imagination and other positive resources to begin to take control of anxiety, depression, and the acting out behaviors which no longer serve them. It is exciting to see the transformation as they begin to create a new vision of themselves and a new way they want to be seen in the world.

I specialize in working with children and teens on the autism spectrum. I have extensive experience implementing strategies such as ABA and Floortime. After years of work, I felt something was missing. I started my own private practice as I saw a real need to incorporate the creative arts and a mental health focus into therapy for most effective outcomes.

I hold a Masters degree in Psychology, emphasis in Marriage & Family Therapy/Art Therapy and an undergraduate degree from UC San Diego with a major in Theatre and minor in Visual Art: Painting/Drawing. I grew up playing the oboe, singing, creating art, acting in plays. I went to drama school in London and still do local theatre. I love utilizing my own creative arts background to help young people overcome their challenges. They continue to inspire me with their wisdom. Art, play, and other creative means of expression become the ways we can give voice to feelings and solve problems together.

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